Former Biscuits Player Apologizes for Hitting Umpire with Bat

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla -- He's one of the top prospects in the minor leagues.

But one thing he'll have to learn before he gets to the majors is, you don't throw your bat at the umpire.

Delmon Young, a former Montgomery Biscuits player now with the Triple-A Durham Bulls, has been suspended indefinitely by baseball's International League.

On Wednesday, after being called out on strikes, he took his time leaving the batter's box, and the umpire threw him out of the game.

Young flipped his bat toward the ump, and it sailed end over end, hitting the umpire in the chest.

The umpire didn't appear to be injured.

Young, who's the brother of Detroit Tigers star Dmitri Young, has issued a statement through his agent saying his emotions got the better of him and his behavior was unacceptable.

He also says he never meant for the bat to hit the umpire.

The umpire's name hasn't been released. All minor league umps are working anonymously this season because they're filling-in for striking umpires.

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