South Korean Law

Seoul is a thriving metropolis, much like many of our cities. But campaign contribution laws here are different.

Chip Garrett is an associate proffesspr at Jones  Law School. He says,  "One difference between South Korean political law and the law in the United States is that it is very heavily regulated."

Garett says that includes campaign limits and specifics regarding corporate donations.  He says, "It appears to require any corporate donations to be funneled through what they call support groups, which we would think of as political action committees."

The crime is considered very serious in Korea.

Garrett adds, "The allegations are fraud and corruption at the highest level.

Hyundai is a significant part of the South Korean economy. Garrett says its a big deal, and prosecutors have their work cut out for them.

He says, "As in all white collar cases, it's going to be follow the money."

Prosecutors in Korea have 20 days to indict Chung.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson