Relationships: Siegelman, Hamrick, Young

This is a summary of some of the allegations in regard to Siegelman, Hamrick, and Young:

Many of the government allegations against former Governor Don Siegelman and his former chief of staff Paul Hamrick revolve around their relationship with former lobbyist Clayton "Lanny" Young.

Young pleaded guilty in 2003 to conspiracy to commit bribery for providing more than $100,000 in money and gifts to Siegelman's exeutive secretary Nick Bailey.  He also pleaded guilty to paying a $65,000 bribe to then Cherokee County Probate Judge Phillip Jordan.  The money was paid for Jordan's help in getting the county commission to approve decisions that helped Young and his clients in a landfill deal.  Young has been cooperating with federal officials and received the promise that other counts would be dropped and Young would be given a lighter sentence as long as he continued to cooperate with prosecutors.

Allegedly Siegelman and Hamrick used their positions to benefit clients of Lanny Young and thus provided a benefit to Young.  In exchange the pair are alleged to  have received money and property from Young.

Young is said to have given Siegelman an Hamrick "valuable private airplane transportation."

Siegelman is alleged to have received from Young a "Polaris Magnum 325 4x4 All Terrain Vehicle" and other items worth approximately $23,000.  Siegelman is alleged to have received directly and indirectly from Young around $204,200.

Hamrick is alleged to have received approximately $46,000 from Young and using his position to benefit Young's clients and Young.

Siegelman and Hamrick are alleged to have helped Young and his clients with, among other things,

  • Influencing the passage of legislation allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages, including Sunday, at the Talladega Superspeedway.
  • Influencing the Cherokee County Commission in favor of Young's business interests.
  • Influencing Waste Management, a waste disposal business represented by Young, to continue paying for his services and influencing regulation of waste disposal fees and taxes at a facility at Emelle, Alabama.
  • Influencing the de facto Director of the Alabama Development Office to advance a business represented by Young on the list of companies eligible for industrial tax-free bond issues.
  • Influence the award of a construction management contract to a company controlled by Young to build warehouses for the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and the Stte of Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

The government is said to have copies of wire transfers, letters, and faxes to bolster their case.

As to the obstruction of justice charges:

  • Siegelman is alleged to have directed Nicholas D. Bailey to write a check in the amount of $10,503.39 to Young with the notation "repayment of loan plus interest."  The payment was allegedly to prevent Young from talking with the FBI about $9,200 Young allegedly gave to Siegelman on Jan 20,2000.  There are also charges involving another check of $2,973.35.
  • Hamrick is alleged to have paid Young $3,000 to try and influence Young's statements to the FBI regarding a $6,000 payment Hamrick allegedly made to Young on September 25, 2000.