Relationships: Siegelman, Hamrick, Allen, Roberts, Marcato

The government alleges former Governor Don Siegelman demanded $100,000 from Jimmy Lynn Allen threatening Allen with economic harm to his business if the money was not paid.  Allegedly if Allen paid the money his business interests involving approximately $20 million invested in bridges affected by prospective Alabama road construction contracts would be protected.  Allen's investment in Rainline striping for roads was also to be protected.

Allen was also to receive the right to select the director of the Department of Transportation should Siegelman be elected governor.  Allen gave Siegelman $40,000 of the $100,000 requested.

Siegelman and Allen made Mack Roberts aware of the scheme and Roberts monitored the status of Siegelman's run for governor and allegedly advised Allen on the likelihood of Siegelman becoming governor.

Mack Roberts accepted the job as director of the Alabama Department of Transportation and  Rainline striping was made the specification for Alabama road construction contracts.

Elsewhere,  Siegelman is alleged to have demanded $250,000 from Forrest "Mac" Marcato, threatening harm to Marcato's business interests if the money was not paid.  Marcato's highway striping product Rainline was used on state highways by the DOT during Siegelman's administration.