Some Older County Workers Upset

Wanda Anderson is a Montgomery County Probation Officer.  She says, "There are a lot of us who have reached the top of our pay scale and we've been frozen. So the only raises that we get... We don't get merit raises any more."

Anderson is just one of 4 county probation officers, who combined total more than 108 years of work experience, but who did not receive a cost of living raise.

She says, "I've been here 27 years and never been denied a cost of living raise."  Anderson says those who are experienced don't seem to be getting what they deserve.

Ron McKitt agrees.  He's also a county probation officer and adds, "This was always a point of contention with the staff that seniority doesn't mean that much."

Both say they are also paying more for health insurance, more for gas .... And their cost of living has gone up just like everyone else's.

Todd Strange is the chairman of the Montgomery County Commission.  He says older workers are to be admired,  "We recognize and appreciate the contributions that each and every one has made to us .... Our intent and hope is we continue to work and continue to have a competitive pay plan ."

Some county workers were given a one time $750 dollar bonus. Some, like Anderson, were given a 39 cent per hour increase when it was noted that people with much less experience were making more money.

She adds,  "No one intends this to seem ungrateful in all of this ... We just feel like if one person got a cost of living raise we all should have.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson