Consumer Spending Rebounding After Terrorist Attacks - Montgomery Alabama news.

September 25, 5:45 p.m.

Consumer Spending Rebounding After Terrorist Attacks

The war on terrorism may just be beginning, but the battle to regain our personal lives seems a little farther along. Consumer spending is on the rise, albeit slightly. It took two weeks, but Alabama is shopping again.

The malls, for example, are busy. In fact, sales at shopping centers didn't take much of turn after September 11th. And, at entertainment venues like movie theaters, managers even report a slight increase in business.

But with more expensive items, like cars, there has been a slight decline in sales. "It's just gonna take a little time," says car dealer Mitchell Allen. On September 11th, Allen didn't see a single customer. And the lot still looks empty. But he doesn't blame the economy, just the shock, which he says time will heal.

"We still are selling automobiles and I've talked to some other dealers around town and they're selling cars too," says Allen. "But you know, with what happened September 11th, we wouldn't expect anything to be back to normal for a while."

The same is true at travel agencies. Vacationers are apparently still apprehensive, but business travelers are starting to fly again. "I think they're getting a little more comfortable with the situation, maybe not flying to the middle east or Europe, but obviously domestically, they're starting to get their schedules rearranged and back to normal," says Morris Capouya of Fairwinds Travel.

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