Montgomery Council Votes to Create Discretionary Funds

The Montgomery City council voted to create discretionary funds and give each council member authority over spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Councilwoman Janet May proposed returning to the plan, which allows council members to be given funds for projects in their districts.

Mayor Bobby Bright was adamantly against the proposal saying reinstating the discretionary funds opens the door for potential abuse. Bright says it gives elected council members the ability to direct money to pet projects - and in return, ask the beneficiaries for political support later on.

Despite his objections the council voted 5 to 4 to approve the plan. But the mayor says it's not a "done deal."

"I'm going to veto it. And we'll address this again in two weeks and hopefully the public will get behind this," said Bright.

The mayor says he wants the public to know about the potential problems and he says if the council overrides his veto, the matter may end up in court.

The mayor says the city's discretionary funds should only be used for capital improvement projects like roads or sewage.