Some Retired Aviators Can Return to Air Force Active Duty (Staff Positions)


The Air Force has been authorized to recall up to 208 retired aviators to fill rated headquarters staff requirements.  Retirees will be used to primarily fill headquarters rated staff positions above wing level.  Applicants may apply for a specific location/billet or for unrestricted, worldwide duty.  Recalled retired officers selected for this recall must enter active duty no later than 30 September 2002.  Officers may apply for varying periods of service but must be released from active duty by 30 September 2003.


Pilots, Navigators, and Air Battle Managers retired for five years or less in the grades of lieutenant colonel and below may apply.  All applicants must be certified physically fit for return to active duty.  Officers permanently retired for physical disability are not eligible to apply.


Active duty Air Force retired aviators should submit application packages to HQ AFPC/DPPAES, 550 C Street West, Ste 10, Randolph AFB TX 78150-4712.  Retired Reserve Aviators submit their application packages to HQ ARPC/DPABB, 6760 Irvington Place, Denver CO 80280-2450 for review and forwarding to HQ AFPC/DPPAES (the applicant cannot have been in a non-participating status for any reason, for more than five years and the applicant must be less than age 60).  HQ AFPC/DPPAES will accept application packages until 1 July 2002 in order to have eligible applicants on active duty before the 30 September 2002 deadline.


AF Form 125, Application for Extended Active Duty with the United States Air Force (form is available on website

Military Resume or Biography

Last 5 Performance Reports

Copies of all DD Forms 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (with bottom portion of the DD Form 214)

Flying Class II physical, SF 88, Report of Medical Examination, and SF 93, Report of Medical History, completed within 12 months (Flying Class II, preventive health assessment (PHA) is acceptable for members who have been retired within a year)

Air Force Operational Resource Management System (AFORMS) individual data summary containing the aviation service date (ASD)


Governing reference is AFI 36-2008, Voluntary Extended Active Duty (EAD) for Air Reserve Commissioned Officers (available on same website referenced above).

Officers are called to active duty in their current grade and are not eligible for promotion.

Retired aviators recalled to active duty who serve for a continous period of at least 2 years and return to the retired list will have their retired pay recomputed (excerpt from the DoD Financial Management Regulation with information on the computation of additional active duty service is attached at the end of this fact sheet)

Officers who volunteer for unrestricted, worldwide duty may be eligible for Aviation Continuation Pay (ACP) if the recall termination period date does not curtail the length of the ACP agreement and meet the requirements of AFI 36-3004, Aviation Continuation Pay Program, and the current year’s ACP Program policy outlined in AFPC’s implementation message (  
For further information regarding this program and application procedures, contact     Mrs. Blanche Thompson, HQ AFPC/DPPAES, Area Code 210 565-2288 or e-mail address

Source: Air Force Military Personnel Center