Air Force Offers Hot Lines for People Interested in Returning to Active Duty

Toll-free numbers and web links have been activated to provide information to former Air Force members -- hundreds of whom have e-mailed or called asking about coming back to serve their country.

Recently separated and retired active-duty, Guard and Reservists can contact specific places, officials said. Others, including civilians who may be unsure of their eligibility to return to service, can call the Air Force Personnel Center Call Center from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central time.

"Policies about returning to duty are being evaluated at the highest levels," said Col. Dale Vande Hey, director of personnel program management here. "Whether we can take people up on their patriotic offers to serve really depends on a number of factors," he said.

"And, of course, policies and procedures could change," said Vande Hey. "So everyone interested should still call in -- even if right now they think they aren't eligible to re-up."

There are several phone numbers and web sites now available. Recently separated personnel: - Former enlisted and officers interested in re-entering the Air Force must have been re-enlistment eligible upon separation and must meet other prior service qualifications for re-entry. Those who want to return to active duty should contact their local recruiter. The Air Force Recruiting Service web site, , can assist people in finding local recruiters. People can also call 1-800-423-USAF (1-800-423-8723).

Aviators: - Pilot and Navigator Voluntary Return to Active Duty: This program offers officers who are current and qualified in an active-duty Air Force aircraft to return to the cockpit. Details on this program can be found at .

- Retired Aviator Recall Program: The Air Force was recently authorized to recall retired aviators to fill rated headquarters staff jobs. Application and program details can be found at .

Retirees: - Although there are no other programs that allow Air Force retirees to return to active duty, the Air Force Reserve currently has a program to hire retired active-duty officer and enlisted members to fill vacant reserve positions. For information on this program contact the local Air Force Reserve recruiter via the web at or call the toll-free Active Duty Retiree Program at 1-800-295-4648.

Air National Guard: - Prior service people interested in entering the Air National Guard can get information from or by calling 1-800-TO-GO-ANG (1-800-864-6264).

Air Force Reserve: - Prior service people, both officer and enlisted, interested in continued service can apply for the Air Force Reserve. The Air Force Reserve is also hiring non-prior service personnel for several different career fields. People interested in the Air Force Reserve should contact their local Air Force Reserve recruiter. The numbers can be found in the blue government pages of the local phone book under "U.S. Government, Air Force Reserve." Individuals can also leave a message for a recruiter to contact them by calling 1-800-257-1212 or via the web at .

Civil Service: - People wishing to enter civil service for the first time, or return to civil service can call a Recruitment Call Center representative at 1-800-699-4473 (or 527-2377 in San Antonio) or 1-800-382-0893 (565-2928) for hearing impaired TDD users. Individuals wanting more information about Air Force civilian job opportunities within specific career fields can contact the AFPC Recruitment Unit at 210-565-3069 or via e-mail at .

More information: People who do not qualify for any of the above programs or need further information can call the AFPC Call Center at 1-800-558-1404 for referral to the appropriate offices or be entered into a database for any future programs that may be established.

(Source: Air Force Personnel Center )