Riley Says He Supports Blanco Veto of Proposed LNG Project

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Governor Bob Riley is supporting Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco's veto of a proposed offshore natural gas port over concerns that fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico could be harmed.

Blanco had until yesterday to file any objections to a proposed federal license for the Main Pass Energy Hub, a liquefied natural gas terminal being sought by Freeport McMoRan Energy LLC, a subsidiary of New Orleans-based McMoRan Exploration Company.

In a letter sent to the U.S. Department of Transportation's acting deputy maritime administrator, Julie Nelson, Blanco said until studies demonstrate that the technology McMoRan proposes to use will not have an unacceptable impact on the ecosystem, she cannot support it.

Riley, in a statement Friday, said he strongly supports her veto and commended Blanco for the decision, saying: "Our concern is not with the company but rather the open loop technology it plans to use. In Alabama, we continue to support the development of LNG, but not at the expense of our marine resources and our coastal environment."

A separate LNG project is proposed south of Dauphin Island by ConocoPhillips.

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