Medicare Deadline Looms for Seniors

It won't be long now, when medicines could be totally out of reach for some seniors. That's because the deadline for Medicare part D is around the corner.

Irene Collins is the Senior Services Commissioner for Alabama. She says, "After May 15th, a monthly penalty will be assessed, which means at the next time of enrollment, which will be November 15th, anyone who has not signed up will be a 7% penalty."

At the Central Alabama Aging Consortium, folks are verbally walking people through the process., About 75% of folks in our area are already signed up, according to Susan Segrest, "Approximately 37 thousand in the tri- county area who do currently have drug coverage out of about 50 thousand."

But there is concern about the elderly who live alone, with no family and no advocate to help them. Hamp Russell, a pharmacist says he sees a lot of them, "It's going to hurt the senior adults that take a lot of medication for what ever reason that are not signed up with a plan, they're definitely going to be hurting."

And what about those people who say they don't take any medications and don't think they need the plan?

Irene Collins says, "You buy car insurance. You buy life insurance. You have health insurance."

Collins says everyone should do what they can to sign up now.