Siegelman Trial Day 6 - Suspicious Money

Suspicious money was the topic Monday at the government corruption trial of former Governor Don Siegelman, ousted Healthsouth CEO Richard Scrushy and two other men. Prosecutors admit this week's testimony mostly will deal with Scrushy's appointment to a state board.

The government is bringing in witnesses to back up what one of its key witnesses said on the stand last week. Former Siegelman aid Nick Bailey testified that when he saw a $250,000 check from Scrushy, he asked what Scrushy wanted for that. Bailey said Siegelman told him the Certificate of Need Board.

The CON Board regulates new hospital construction in the state.

Darin Cline was a consultant for three of Siegelmans' campaigns. On Monday, he told jurors he was suspicious of Scrushy's check because the amount was so large. And he said he was afraid of how it would look in the press.

Lawyers for Siegelman explained away the large amount, saying Siegelman was good at fundraising and had no need to make deals.

Cline also told jurors he was upset when he heard Siegelman appointed Scrushy to the CON Board because Scrushy didn't support Siegelman's gubernatorial campaign. Cline said he wanted someone from the Nursing Home Association appointed to the board because it contributed almost a million dollars to Siegelman's governors race.

Later in the day, jurors also heard from two of Siegelman's former appointment secretaries. Neither secretary could provide any evidence that Siegelman appointed Scrushy to the CON Board directly because of his donation.