Spotlight Ministry of the Week - Missions

We at First United Methodist church join in the mission of Christ in proclaiming and showing the good news of God's love to all persons, no matter their places in society. We encourage everyone who is a part of the family at First United Methodist Church to join in this most important task of the church.

You will find listed below many opportunities to serve and support local ministries.

  • Underwriting and delivering Meals on Wheels through Montgomery Area Council on Aging (MACOA)
  • Supporting Hospice
  • Participating in nutrition programs related to AIDS Outreach
  • Providing emergency food supplies through Good Samaritan Ministries, Inc., and Catholic Social services
  • Preparing care packets for the homeless through the Salvation Army
  • Building and improving housing through Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in April
  • Supporting emergency hotline through the Family Sunshine Center
  • Providing clothing and personal care items for children in foster care in Montgomery County
  • Providing layettes for newborns through the Gift of Life Foundation
  • Enriching chapel ministry to youth at Mt. Meigs Campus of the Department of Youth Services
  • Providing household furnishings and financial support through the Department of Human Resources Caring Congregations
  • Encouraging educational activities and parent training providing child day care through Nellie Burge Community Center
  • Supporting camping opportunities for children through Blue Lake Camp, Nellie Burge Community Center and Camp Sunshine
  • Providing supportive opportunities at Gibbs Village through cooperative programs with Strategies to Elevate People (S.T.E.P.)
  • Volunteering as tutors at Laubach Literacy Council and through Partners in Education
  • Assisting Homemaker services through the Lighthouse Counseling Center
  • Financially supporting Aid to Inmate Mothers
  • Contributing to chapel ministry at Red Eagle Farm Correctional Facility
  • Participating in visitation and individual and agency services through our Great Day of Service
  • Supporting Young Life in their ministry to non-churched teenagers in the area

For more information or to volunteer, please contact: rev. Robin Wilson 834-8990