King Plaque Being Installed in State Judicial Building

There is a plaque going up in the State Judicial Building honoring Dr. Martin Luther King.

The plaque was paid for by Chief Justice Roy Moore and measures approximately 32"by 42". Moore's plaque includes a quotation from King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" and a quote from Frederick Douglas and both mention God. A spokesman for the Chief Justice says both quotations tie in with the Ten Commandments monument.

Black legislators say the gesture is inadequate and want a monument to King placed next to the Ten Commandments monument in the rotunda of the building. According to State Representative Alvin Holmes black legislators and community leaders will file a lawsuit against Moore challenging his control of what memorials can be placed in the building..

Thursday night Chief Justice Roy Moore turned down a request from black legislators to put the monument honoring the civil right leader in the rotunda with the Ten Commandments monument. But Moore, at the same time, offered to install a plaque -- at his own expense -- to recognize King.

Earlier in the year, black legislators tried to put a King monument alongside the Ten Commandments monument that the chief justice unveiled in August. Moore says the placement of a speech by any man alongside the commandments of God would diminish the purpose of the Ten Commandments monument.

State Senator Hank Sanders said Thursday he was "extremely disappointed and saddened about Moore's decision." Sanders also said a plaque under these circumstances is totally "inadequate."