Generic Information on Reserve, Guard Units Called Up - September 28

The U.S. Marine Corps has called to active duty 191 reservists today for service with Marine Corps and joint service organizational staffs, as part of the partial mobilization authorized by President Bush. These are individual call-ups and more will follow in the coming days. No Marine Corps units have been called to active duty.

Approximately 250 more members of the Naval Reserve are also being called to active duty as part of the partial mobilization. This brings the total Naval Reserve called to active duty to approximately 1,720. Most of these Naval reservists have been recalled individually based on specific skills, predominantly law enforcement and security. Other skills being called to active duty include medical, supply and intelligence.

The secretary of Defense today raised the authorized ceiling for the Air Force. As a result, the Air Force may call an additional 7,000 members of the Air Force Ready Reserve to active duty, bringing their total to 20,000 authorized.

The Coast Guard Reserve has called a total of 2,727 reservists to active duty, raising the total National Guard and Reserve called to active duty to more than 16,700.

Source: Department of Defense