Largest Betting Site in the World Places Wagers on Siegelman Trial

It's one of the largest betting sites on the world wide web:

You can bet on anything from politics to sporting events.

And now, former Governor Don Siegelman is among the choices.

And he's right, although the margin is slim.

Bodog's CEO told the Huntsville Times "Our entertainment bookmakers noticed this political story was getting a lot of attention across the U.S. and decided to add a wager about the outcome of the trial."

As you might expect, prosecutors are steering clear of the topic.

But as for the defense? They're playing along.

When told about it, even Siegelman himself joked.

He knew exactly how he would bet.

He jokingly said he would put what little bit of campaign money he's collected and bet on his own innocence so he could double his money and then have money to win in the general election.