Goodwyn Jr. High Teacher Believes in Firm, Fair Discipline

His assignment is to make students proficient in math, but he's venturing into other subjects as well. In this Education Report we look at a "Class Act" teacher who's molding well-rounded students.

George Buchanan believes in firm, fair discipline. "I try to be fair and whether you're an "A" student or a "D"' student, if you get in trouble, you have to pay the consequences."

Buchanan was in the military before he became an educator, so discipline is hardly ever an issue. Students say that's one way he shows he cares. "I think it's important because if you've got a teacher that knows what they're doing but they don't care; it's just like having a teacher who does care but has no clue what they're doing," remarks Kayla Imsand a seventh grader in Buchanan's math class.

"Does anyone not understand?" His students at Goodwyn Junior High say that question is asked over and over, to make sure everyone masters math. But every day Buchanan not only teaches math; he also teaches English by assigning students vocabulary words to learn as well. "When he puts them on the board, we write them out in our notebook and on Friday we take a test on those words; and if we've got them in our notebook we get to use our notebook for those words," explains Willie Wilson.

Buchanan adds, "(I just want them) to recognize those words, so that when they do come to an SAT or some kind of formalized test, they might be able to eliminate one or two of the answers just by recognition." Buchanan tutors students after school for free and is a big supporter at Goodwyn dances and games.

Goodwyn principal Marie Kostick gives Buchanan high marks, "I think he's dedicated to education and dedicated to the children and he gives so much of his time and that's one of the reasons he does so much."

Buchanan serves on Goodwyn's technology committee to help with networking the school's computers.