Does it Work? - October 4th

The "Snap Hook" claims to be just a snap to use. If you need to hang, decorate, or organize, its inventor says you'll be hooked on the "Snap Hook." The only question is - Does it work?

The "Snap Hook" value pack contains four large and four small "Snap Hooks" and declares that it will work most anywhere without nails, holes or glue. So now, we're putting the "Snap Hook" to the test.

First we go to the bathroom, where we try out the small hook. I place it on the tile snap the hook in place and it looks like it's working. Even after pulling on it the "Snap Hook" stays in place.

Next I'm off to the car, to test the larger hook. Some cars are not equipped with the handy hanger that is normally found above the passenger side door. We wanted to find out if the "Snap Hook" would work as a clothes hanger - and it's does!

But the "Snap Hook" does come with limits. The box suggest the maximum weight for the large hook is 10 lbs. and 5 lbs. for the smaller hook. I packed a bag, until it was exactly 10 pounds, set my hook in a locker and it looks like the snap hook passed the weight claim. Now there's just one more test to complete. The old bowling ball test.

"Snap Hook" claims that its powerful vacuum locking system is so strong that it can easily lift a 16-pound bowling ball. So one more time, I'll place the hook on the ball and snap it in place and it looks like this product is a strike.

My tests found that the "Snap Hook" does work on all of the surfaces that it lists on the side of the box. But before you buy this product be advised that just like the instructions say, it will not work on unfinished wood, drywall, and rough surfaces.

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