Does it Work - October 2nd

It seems like every morning we're in a rush to get ready, and a lot of times it leaves little time, if any at all, for breakfast. But one traditional breakfast item could become quick and easy to make thanks to a product out on the market. But, does it work?

We're all used to making our eggs the old fashion way... But did you ever think that you would be able to make your eggs quick and easy in the microwave?

There's a product out on the market that claims it can do just that.  The product is called "EggWave", and it's one of those "as seen on tv" products. The claim is you can have perfectly cooked eggs in seconds and those eggs are supposed to be healthier because you don't cook them in grease.

So we asked Sophia of Sophia's BBQ to help us out with our unscietific test. After opening our box,  we took two "Egg Wave" cookers, cracked open a couple eggs, and put them in. We decided to try out the "soft yolk eggs" instructions first. We punched in the correct cooking time according to the instruction book and 55 seconds later... One soft yolk is not so soft and the other, well it's a little too soft.  So we continued on with our search for the perfectly cooked egg.

Next we used the scrambled egg attachment.  You put in the egg, shake it up, let it sit for about a minute.  Then you set the microwaver timer for 90 seconds.  And we as we found out, you probably want to step back as the eggs explode in the microwave making a terrific mess.  Video   28    56  300+

After cleaning out the microwave, we found the bits of eggs we could manage to save looked a little rubbery and not very appetizing.

So, does the "Egg Wave" work?  Well it's a tricky one, it cooks the egg, but how it cooks it is another story. The instructions tell you that "cooking times may vary slightly due to the number of "Egg Waves" you are using as each microwave oven's energy production capacity is slightly different."

So, if you're extremely excited about cooking eggs in the microwave, well you might want to give it a try yourself. But if you take our test to heart, you'll find that the "Egg Wave" is not all it's cracked up to be.  The "Egg Wave" will cost you around $10 dollars at most discount stores.

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