COPY-Gas prices down for the first time since February

UNDATED, Ala. It's the first bit of gasoline price good news since February -- the price at the pump has dropped a bit.

A national survey finds that the average retail price of a gallon of gas fell about one-and-a half cents across the nation, including Alabama, during the past two weeks.Self-serve regular averaged about two-dollars-93 cents a gallon, down from about two-95 two weeks ago.According to Birmingham-based Triple-A Alabama, regular, on average, costs two-88 a gallon; midgrade fuels are three-oh-six; and premium is three dollars, 17 cents a gallon.Gas prices have climbed more than 70 cents since February 24th, when self-serve regular was two-dollars-24 cents a gallon.Of the Alabama cities surveyed, Huntsville and Mobile each shared the highest average price for regular unleaded at two-74 a gallon. The lowest was in Montgomery where drivers paid an average of two-70 a gallon.

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