Streets of Speed on Beecher Street

I asked a simple question.   What goes through your mind when you pull out from Beecher Street onto Mobile Road in the Washington Park area in Montgomery?

Diane Dorsey said, "I'm thinking will you get killed, that's the truth."   And Dorsey's not alone.    "At the speed they're going somebody will die if there were an accident," said Beecher street resident Annie Thomas.

We hopped in the car and drove down Mobile Road.   The speed limit is 30 miles per hour.   When we pulled out Zapper 12 we clocked drivers going well over 40 miles per hour.   Folks in this area told us the biggest problem is trying to pull out from Beecher Street.   Because there's a bridge, it's really tough to see if you have enough room to pull out and get going, especially when the cars are speeding down Mobile Road.  "You're probably going to get hurt, you got to pull out and hit the gas because these cars are coming fast," said Thomas.  

We called Montgomery traffic engineer Bubba Bowden and he met us out at the intersection.  "We can look to see about putting up intersection warning signs, maybe that will help.  Also we make sure the speed limit signs are up clearly and replace an old stop sign," said Bowden.

A week after our story we checked out Beecher Street and Mobile Road and there were some changes.   Beecher Street has a brand new red stop sign instead of the old gray one.   There's also a new white stripe on the pavement.   Mobile Road has several new signs up including an "intersection ahead" sign which is what folks like Annie Thomas really wanted.

The Montgomery Police department tells us they set up their own radar out there and in less than 2 hours they handed out 23 tickets.   Traffic engineers tell us a 3-way stop is not an option because there aren't enough cars coming off Beecher Street, but tickets are always an option and the cops will be out there so consider yourself warned.