Lt. Governor Baxley Lays out Small Business Development Plan

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley visited a barber and beauty shop Tuesday to lay out her business plan for a gubernatorial administration that she said would be more friendly toward small entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the Jackson Way Styling Salon in Huntsville, Baxley said her administration will have a Cabinet-level position for small business development and new tax credits to help small businesses provide health insurance for their employees.

Baxley's plan also includes:
- creating a voluntary program that would allow small businesses to create buying pools to purchase group health insurance.
- assisting with funding start-up companies so young entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams.
- creating an economic emergency response team to harness the resources of state government to assist distressed areas.

Beauty shop owner Floyd Hardin said the business, which began in 1902, is a regular stop for candidates. Hardin said he liked what Baxley had to say about small business people like himself.

Baxley faces former Governor Don Siegelman and five others in the Democratic primary on June 6.

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