Angry Judge Admonishes Prison Chief

Attorney's for the Department of Corrections asked for the stay in an effort to give Prison Commissioner Richard Allen more time to implement his plan.

Judge Richard Shashy granted that stay until June 20th and warned attorneys that he wanted those new bed spaces.

Scott Rouse is a special deputy from the Attorney General's office representing the commissioner and the department.  He says, "There's a lot involved in transferring that many inmates, and we have concerns and time will tell if are able to move that many by that deadline."

Attorney Ken Webb represents the counties and sheriffs in Alabama.  He says, "But I think this is a very, in a way, a wise decision by the court to stay this part of the order and give commissioner Allen time to do what he says he's going to do."

Commissioner Richard Allen didn't show up today. And he may be glad. That's because his attorney's received a verbal tongue lashing meant for him.

Judge Shashy, reading from wire and newspaper accounts, quoted the prison chief as saying the judge was reckless and draconian.

Shashy denied Allen's account of former proceedings indicating the court was coercing Allen to put high risk inmates into lower secure facilities and demeaning those state employees who work for the department of corrections