Government Corruption Trial-Jim Allen Undergoes Cross Examination

Defense attorneys spent the morning trying to discredit one of the government's biggest witnesses.

They put under toll road developer Jim Allen under some intense cross examination but he never strayed from his story.

He told jurors in 1998 then-candidate Don Siegelman said he could pick the next state transportation director in exchange for a 40-thousand dollar contribution to his campaign.

Allen said once Siegelman became governor his first choice for director was not the same as Siegelman's.

But Allen said Siegelman called to get his approval before appointing that person.

Siegelman says that's not true.

He says quote, "That was a courtesy call. I did that because, in fact I do that a lot. If i'm hiring somebody away from somebody else i'll call them and say hey, I just want to let you know that I'm hiring your secretary today just so that they will feel better about me hiring one of their good employees away."

The trial completed its fourth week of testimony and will continue Tuesday after jurors take a three-day break for the Memorial Day weekend.