Nun's Dream Comes True in Form of Charity Pharmacy - Montgomery Alabama news.

October 4, 12:45 p.m.

Nun's Dream Comes True in Form of Charity Pharmacy

The dream of a Catholic sister came true Thursday. Catholic Social Services opened up their charity pharmacy on Narrow Lane Road in Montgomery. The director of organization says every day individuals come into the office and say 'Either I can eat or I can buy my medicine'; 'I can pay my rent or get my medicine.' The goal of the pharmacy is to make sure people can eat, pay their rent and get their medicine.

James Carter explained the story behind the outreach. "We named it after a sister who worked here for five years, Sister Margaret Peoples. This was a dream of hers to give medicine to people who couldn't afford it, and since her last name is Peoples and it's the "people's pharmacy." It is here for the people of Montgomery and the surrounding area. We are here for those who can't afford medicine. We don't charge anything, you just have to come here and qualify."

You may be eligible if you have no insurance coverage at all or you are on medicare and you don't have prescription writer. You can also qualify if your monthly income is extremely low. The number to call to set up an appointment is 288-0182.

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