Children In Their Own Words

A sixth grade class at Wetumpka Intermediate School has written metaphor poems about what the attacks on America meant to them.
by Lauren

The World Trade Center is a giraffe stretching high in the sky.
The World Trade Center is a doughnut with a hole in the center.
The World Trade Center was a castle of blocks, my little brother knocked down.
The World Trade Center is a dust bowl...dust everywhere."

by Logan

War is a horror house with things just waiting to happen.
War is a book that you never, ever close.
War is a fire, that just keeps on burning.
War is a never ending famine upon us.
And war is a shaken up Coke can that all of a sudden opens.

by Mary Beth

American spirit is a cord that binds us all together.
American spirit is old glory flying high in the sky.
American spirit is a firefighter risking his life for someone he doesn't even know.
American spirit is people fighting for freedom.

by Andrew

Freedom is unity of all the people.
Freedom is a broom, sweeping the nation.
Freedom is a statue we call liberty.
Freedom is a war we must fight.
Freedom is a privilege we are proud to have.
Freedom is a blanket making us feel warm.
Freedom is us...that's what we are.