Army Helicopter Crashes in South Georgia, Leaves Four Dead

Chinook Helicopter
Chinook Helicopter

The M-H 47 Chinook helicopter took off from Savannah, Georgia Thursday morning. It was heading to Fort Rucker, Alabama. The chopper went down in Doerun, Georgia when it hit a television station's tower.   "I heard the helicopter coming, looked at my truck window, it was flying low. Then it passed through the clouds," says James Sellars.

Then Sellars says he heard the crash. " I saw pieces going to the ground. One piece was on fire. I took off to see if I could do anything to help," he says.

Sellars says when he got there he saw two men on the ground dead. "Girl come running down and said there was a survivor," says Sellars.

The co-pilot survived. "He had injuries on his face. He was complaining about his leg,' recalls Sellars.

"I'm told he's in really good condition. He will be treated and released soon," says military spokesperson Lisa Eichhorn.

Meanwhile, the military is conducting an investigation to determine whether the chopper crash resulted from hitting the wire or if the chopper was in trouble before then.  It was cloudy in the area where the chopper went down this morning.  However, we're told the lights an the tower were working properly.