COPY-Four dead in morning chopper crash

June 1, 2006

DOERUN, Ga. -- A military helicopter has crashed after clipping a guy wire of WFXL's 1,000-foot tall TV tower near Doerun in Colquitt County.

Colquitt County Sheriff Al Whittington confirms to WALB that four people are dead, and there is one survivor at the scene.

Colquitt Sheriff's Department dispatcher Becky Perry says a call came in just after 8:00 that a U. S. Army helicopter had crashed. 

The crash occurred in the northwest corner of the county. WFXL's over-the-air broadcast is terminated, but they are seen through cable TV. The tower is still standing.

The chopper was enroute from Hunter Army Airfield near Savannah to the Fort Rucker Army Base at Daleville, Alabama, just north of Enterprise.

The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) has this to say about the Chinook:

The MH47 conducts overt and covert infiltrations, exfiltrations, air assault, resupply, and sling operations over a wide range of environmental conditions. The aircraft can perform a variety of other missions including shipboard operations, platform operations, urban operations, water operations, parachute operations, forward aerial refueling point (FARP) operations, mass casualty, and combat search and rescue operations.

With the use of special mission equipment and night vision devices, the air crew can operate in hostile mission environments over all types of terrain at low altitudes during periods of low visibility and low ambient lighting conditions with pinpoint navigation accuracy.

The MH-47E is a heavy assault helicopter based on the CH-47 airframe, specifically designed and built for the special operations aviation mission. It has a totally integrated avionics subsystem. This avionics package combines a redundant avionics architecture with dual mission processors, remote terminal units, multifunction displays and display generators to improve combat survivability and mission reliability.

The "Echo" model also has an aerial refueling (A/R) probe for in-flight refueling; external rescue hoist; and two L714 turbine engines with Full Authority Digital Electronic Control that provides more power during hot/high environmental conditions.

The MH-47D Adverse Weather Cockpit (AWC) Chinook is a twin engine, tandem rotor, heavy assault helicopter that has been specifically modified for long range flights.

It is equipped with weather avoidance/search radar; aerial refueling (A/R) probe for in flight refueling; Personnel Locator System (PLS) for finding downed aircrews; Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR); secure voice communications; Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System (FRIES) for insertion of personnel/equipment and extraction of personnel; defensive armament system consisting of two M-134 machine-guns and one M-60D machine-gun; and internal rescue hoist with a 600 lb. capacity.

  • MH-47D and MH-47E Performance Characteristics-

Normal cruise airspeed: 120 knots

Maximum dash airspeed: 170 knots

Normal fuel burn rate: 2750 lbs per hour

Maximum altitude: 20,000 feet