Greenville YMCA To Shut Down Baby Day Care

Ann Steiner Gregory talks about her little girl, 19 month old Amelia,  "Her friends are here. She loves the teachers. She's never cried a day when i've left her here."

Cathy Moore feels the same about her 2 children,  "This is the best facility in Butler County."

And that's why these working moms and many others are hurt, disappointed and even angry that the YMCA plans to discontinue day care for those children in the 0 to 24 month age group.)

Moore adds,   "And for them to take this away from them, it's not fair. They didn't give us any opportunity to raise money."

Steiner Gregory agrees saying, "Or even to say pay $20 dollars a week more, or 50 dollars a week more.

For these children, moms say they would be more than willing to role up their sleeves, raise funds and even seek corporate sponsorships.  Rates for older children are also going up. And scholarships are being deleted. That hurts single parents like Nicole Kelley.  She says,   "As I was only paying 110 a wee, I will be at $200 a week now. So that's going to gouge me."

At the root of the problem a new facility and a one million dollar debt. All managed by a board.  The head of that board, Dennis Palmer is the publisher of the Greenville Advocate. He wouldn't speak with us on camera, but did grant an interview off camera.

He says they are simply loosing money and knew there was a problem 6 months ago. When asked about the new facility, he said they took a 'leap of faith'. And when asked why there was no meeting with parents, he said such meetings can sometimes turn bad. He admitted that none of the 13 politicians, and community leaders on the board have children at the day care center, which doesn't sit well here.

The feeling here is one of desperation.  Cathy Moore adds, "Truly this is all we have."

Palmer says he welcomes any other fund raising ideas.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson