Air Force Stop - Loss Frequently Asked Questions


: If a member is affected by Stop-Loss in a career field with a Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB), will they receive the SRB?
Answer: No, the only way for a member to receive the SRB is to reenlist in the Air Force and thus provide the government with a guaranteed return for the SRB. Title 37 only permits bonuses for extensions at least 36-months in duration.

Question: Would we entertain requests for early reenlistments?
Answer: Probably not. Under the Full Enlistment Program, members can now reenlist up to 12 months before their DOS. This should ensure the airman does not incur an injustice.

Question:Can I change my mind and reenlist after I've been involuntarily extended?
Answer:Yes --- And if you’re paid a SRB, the involuntary extension will not be subtracted as obligated service from the SRB payment.

Officer Promotions:

Question: I was recently notified of my second (or subsequent) nonselection for promotion. I have been offered continuation, but do I still need to complete the required paperwork to accept or decline since Stop Loss now impacts me?
Answer: Yes. You still need to either accept or decline the continuation offer since an appropriate DOS will be established based on your acceptance/declination upon termination of Stop Loss.

Question: I have a line number for promotion, but was planning to separate prior to pinning on. I still plan to separate after termination of Stop Loss. Do I need to decline the promotion if my line number comes up during Stop Loss?
Answer: No. Effective 1 Jun 00, active duty service commitments for officer promotions were eliminated. Therefore, if your increment is announced during Stop Loss, you may pin-on the promotion and still request separation after Stop Loss is terminated.


Question: I am stationed in the Continental U.S. (CONUS). My AFSC is on the Stop Loss list and I have an assignment. Can my commander hold me here until Stop Loss is over?
Answer: Your commander always has the option to request a Report no Later than Date (RNLTD) delay based on mission needs. The assignment cannot be cancelled or delayed based solely on the fact that your AFSC is affected by Stop-Loss.

Question: I am stationed in Lakenheath and I have an assignment to Tyndall with a Mar 02 DEROS. My unit is supporting current operations; can my commander involuntarily extend my DEROS?
Answer: Yes, your WG/CC may request that you be involuntarily extended overseas if you are in direct support of Noble Eagle or Enduring Freedom. This applies whether your AFSC is or is not on the Stop Loss list. Normally, your assignment to Tyndall will remain firm.

Question: I'm on a remote tour; am I exempt from the Stop Loss program?
Answer: If you are serving in an unaccompanied status at a location with an unaccompanied tour length of 15 months or less, then you are exempt from Stop Loss.

Question: Will my assignment be cancelled because my AFSC is on the Stop-Loss list?
Answer: No. Assignments will continue. Requests for delays and cancellations must be fully justified and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Enlisted Promotions:

Question: If I signed a declination statement to refuse an assignment and I had a line number, if the declination statement is removed will I get my promotion reinstated?
Answer: Once the declination statement removal has been approved, assignments will coordinate that action with promotions. We will reinstate the member's DOR and effective date of promotion and send out a message giving the member the new information.

Question: I declined promotion in order to retire. Now that I've been extended under Stop Loss, will I get my stripe back?
Answer: Individuals who were selected for promotion who declined the promotion, and have no other ineligibility conditions outlined in AFI 36-2502, Table 1.1, may request reinstatement of their promotion sequence number.

Question: If I declined testing because I was intending on separating, am I eligible to test now that I fall under Stop Loss?
Answer: Yes. We are currently identifying all of the individuals that declined testing, and are part of Stop-Loss and will be forwarding out a message to all of the MPFs to find out the individual's intent. Once that has been accomplished, the MPFs will update their promotion eligibility status code. This update will flow to us and we will reactivate the promotion file, which generates the testing products that flow back to the MPF to schedule the member for testing. The member will have 60 days to study from the date the MPF updates the promotion eligibility status code.

Question: Will ECI re-issue CDCs for those individuals that declined testing and are now affected by Stop Loss?
Answer: ECI will not reissue CDCs at government expense if the CDCs were already issued. If the member does not have a set of current CDCs, they can purchase them from ECI. The bottom line is the individual will still test in the 60-day window, unless he applies for an extension of the time restrictions and this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Exemption Questions:

Question: Does a "DITY" move constitute pick-up of household goods and exemption from Stop-Loss?
Answer: An individual can be exempted for a DITY move provided they meet one or more the conditions below:

  1. The member must have departed on the move, e.g. in transit.
  2. Received an advance payment for the DITY move from Finance prior to the receipt of AFPC's message.
  3. Reserved transportation and expended funds, e.g. deposit, prior to the receipt of AFPC’s message. Expenditure of funds for transportation must be verified by the Military Personnel Flight (MPF), e.g. contract, copy of check, etc.

Question: Need clarification on HHLD Goods scheduling/pick up. What if the HHLDS Goods were packed on or before 1 Oct 01, but aren't scheduled to be picked up until after 1 Oct 01. Are they exempt?
Answer: The member is not exempt. If the HHLD Goods were already shipped or scheduled to be (prior to receipt of AFPC's message) and was picked up prior to 1 Oct 01, then the member is exempt. Packing of House Hold Goods prior to 1 Oct 01 does not exempt personnel.

Question: Are pregnancy separations exempted?
Answer: No. Individuals wishing to separate for pregnancy must request a waiver through their MAJCOM.

Question: What if you're not a U.S. citizen, are you exempted?
Answer: No. Although citizenship may have an impact on your ability to voluntarily extend or reenlist, there is no restriction against involuntary extension under Stop Loss.

Question: Member shipped HHLDS Goods on their spouse's PCS Orders. Is that member exempt from Stop Loss?
Answer: No, however, the member may request a waiver to Stop Loss.

Question: Member has an approved PALACE Front/PALACE Chase separation and is not exempt from Stop Loss. Does Stop Loss affect the member? These categories are not addressed in the message.
Answer: PALACE Chase or Front is considered a separation and the member is affected by Stop Loss.

Question: Does Stop Loss affect enlisted members with an approved retirement/separation for High Year Tenure (HYT)?
Answer: Yes, HYT is established by policy not law and their HYT's will be adjusted.

Waiver Questions:

Question: Can the commander initiate a waiver request for stop loss personnel?
Answer: Yes, The commander may initiate the waiver (release) from Stop Loss if the commander feels the member is not and will not make significant contributions to the on-going operations and their retention under stop loss is not in the best interest of the Air Force. The waiver should not be used in lieu of involuntary action when more appropriate.

Question: What if the member does not have a MAJCOM or equivalent commander? Who is the waiver authority for these individuals?
Answer: USAF/DP is the waiver authority for those members who do not have MAJCOM or equivalent commander.

Question: What if the member is assigned to an MPF serviced by one MAJCOM, but actually belongs to another MAJCOM, who processes and approves/disapproves the MAJCOM waiver?
Answer: The servicing MPF should assist the individual in the waiver process and have the waiver coordinated through the chain command to the extent possible and provide the member or member's chain of command with the MAJCOM POC if known, if not refer them to your MAJCOM POC (servicing MPF) who can in turn provide them with the member's MAJCOM POC.

Permissive TDY:

Question: I took a permissive TDY to focus on job hunting before Stop Loss was implemented. Since I can't retire now due to Stop Loss, I may miss out on certain jobs. Will I be given the opportunity to take an additional Permissive TDY once Stop Loss is over?
Answer: No. The Permissive TDY is limited to one per career. As a result, you will not be allowed an additional Permissive TDY when Stop Loss is lifted.

Source: Air Force Personnel Center