Birmingham Abduction Suspect has Robbery Convictions in Alabama and Mississippi

BIRMINGHAM - A man being held in the abduction of a Birmingham attorney has a record of convictions in both Alabama and Mississippi.

The suspect is identified as 35-year-old Dedrick Griham.

He is being held in Wednesday's daylong abduction of attorney Sandra Eubank Gregory, but no charges have been filed.

Records show Griham pleaded guilty to three counts of third-degree robbery in Mobile County in May 1998 after holding up three stores with a gun.

Released from prison last August after serving about eight years of a 20-year prison term, he moved to a halfway house in Birmingham.

Griham also has previous convictions in two Mississippi counties, Harrison and Jackson, on charges including robbery and grand larcency.

Mississippi prison spokesman Nic Lott says he was transferred to Alabama's prison system from a Mississippi lockup and should have been sent back following his release to serve three years on probation.

Lott says Mississippi currently has a warrant out for Griham's arrest. Alabama parole board spokeswoman Cynthia Dillard says Griham reported to his parole officer as recently as last week.

She says he provided proof of employment and was complying with conditions of his Alabama parole.

Courtesy: Associated Press