Montgomery Mayor Touts New Political Affiliation

Bobby bright, Montgomery's mayor says, "I am a true independent, and I think that we've got to get more people in office who have that mentality."

No, you're not hearing things. And while it is a nonpartisan race, the man who toppled a republican dynasty in 1999 with the financial and voting help of democrats in Montgomery is leaning away from the left.

Bobby Bright says, "By making that statement, I'm alienating myself from the democratic structure and I'm also alienating myself from the republican structure. Because if you can't swear your support, you loose a lot of support out there.

Conservatives and liberals drew their lines in the sand long ago and most tow that party line, no matter what the issue.

In this very political town, what do most folks think about the democrats and republicans?

Johnny White says, "You really need somebody that's homegrown... That's got good values and has no political ties to nobody."

Summer Lawrence adds, "I'd probably like to see more independents, more people speak their mind."

Beatrice Montague agrees, "It seems like they do pretty much like they say they are going to do and they go on their own thoughts and not somebody else's."

Bright says "I've seen good, good competent public servants be put out of office because they were affiliated with the wrong party at the wrong time."

He says party politics is killing us as a society and that Alabama is becoming too divisive. And he says if he needs to be the flag bearer of the independents he will.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson