Charges Could Be Upgraded Against Elmore County Man

Investigators tell us 111 Maple Street in Elmore is the address they have for 23-year old John Vinson. No one answered the door but at some point he'll need to explain what happened Tuesday night near Millbrook.

"He threw his hands up like this like he was on a roller coaster. His eyes wide open with a half-smile on his face," Denise Hall recalled after witnessing the entire thing.

As of right now Vinson faces two counts of assault based on the allegations that he was reckless when he lost control of his SUV and struck the side of a home near Millbrook.  The impact knocked 17-year old Charles 'Chuck' Criswell from the kitchen to the living room floor. He died a day and a half later. District Attorney Randall Houston says the charges against Vinson could change, but much depends on the blood test results.

It's not clear where Vinson is but an acquaintance of his in Birmingham tells WSFA 12 News that Vinson is "literally one of the nicest people around, and never saw him drink or take drugs."

"Either one or two things happened. He had a medical condition that caused him to blackout and that needs to be straightened out or there was some other agent at work," said District Attorney Randall Houston.

According to Houston, the charges against Vinson could be upgraded to murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide depending on the results of the blood tests.

For now John Vinson is out on bond and has reportedly told authorities 'he doesn't remember anything.'

Investigators tell WSFA 12 News that until this week, nothing really stood out in John Vinson's driving record. Meantime, the grand jury could hear his case in July but if the blood test results aren't back by then, Houston will present the evidence to the grand jury in October.

Chuck Criswell's parents declined to talk on the advice of their attorneys from Alex City. One terrible irony about this story; a car ran over Criswell when was 3 years old which left him handicapped.