Army investigators check site of fatal helicopter crash

DOERUN, Ga. - Army investigators are trying to figure out why a military helicopter on its way to Fort Rucker crashed in Georgia, killing four crew members.

Authorities say five members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment were aboard the M-H 47 Chinook helicopter when it snagged a wire on a one-thousand foot T-V tower Thursday morning.

The helicopter, designed for low-level flight at night, crashed in the northwest corner of Colquitt County, Georgia.

The crash occurred during a training flight.

The National Weather Service reported that visibility was 10 miles. An Army official says the crash investigation - quote -- "has started in earnest."

The names of the victims are expected to be released by the Army Saturday morning.

Authorities say a fifth member of the crew was injured, but is making a speedy recovery.

Courtesy: Associated Press