COPY-Three of four major candidates crisscrossing state

MONTGOMERY, Ala. Three of the four major candidates for governor are crisscrossing the state today to shore up their support for tomorrow's primary election. The fourth major candidate, former Governor Don Siegelman, is in federal court in Montgomery, beginning the sixth week of his trial on government corruption charges.

On the Republican side of the race, Governor Riley is urging voters not to get complacent despite polls showing him with a big lead over former Chief Justice Roy Moore. Riley says the election will determine if Alabama keeps moving ahead or returns to the past.Moore is criticizing Riley's administration for beginning annual property tax reappraisals. And he says Riley's administration has done little to stem what Moore calls an "invasion" of illegal immigrants.On the Democratic side, Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley is predicting victory over Siegelman. Baxley says she's pleased that the governor's race has not resorted to the attacks that have taken place in state Supreme Court races. She called the tone of the Supreme Court races appalling.Siegelman arrived for his trial today in his campaign bus. Siegelman says he's logged over 15-hundred miles visiting towns throughout the state. And he predicted that the polls will be proven wrong tomorrow.Siegelman had originally hoped to have his trial concluded by election day. But now it looks like he won't even begin his defense by election day.

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