Roxanne Talks About Her Fitness Together Experience

As winner of the WSFA Mother's Day Makeover, I had no idea what to think when I first entered Fitness Together. My first meeting with Clint Welch, the owner, was very informative and encouraging. Clint was very knowledgeable regarding exercise and diet. He wanted to know what I wanted to do as far as losing weight and what my goals were for the weeks ahead as well as long range goals. He explained to me how the program worked, the diet goals, and how often I would work out. He appointed my times to come in and exercise. I worked out five days a week Monday through Friday. I had originally thought that the first meeting would be a consultation only, but I was mistaken. I had my first workout, of many, the very first day. My trainer was Cauri, who looked like a Sargent in the Army and worked me out as if he were one. All the trainers worked me to my limits every workout. They were encouraging, tough, but very nice. From the first day, my workouts consisted of cardio for 15 minutes followed by a workout of the legs, arms, upper body, lower body, shoulders, and abs. All or any combination could be included in my five-day-a-week workouts. Unlike their advertisement, I never did hate Clint or any of the trainers. I felt at times they must hate me, because they worked me out so hard each time. However, as I became accustomed to the program and routine, it became apparent that Clint and each of the trainers truly cared about me and helping me reach my fitness goals. I made tremendous progress during my eight weeks with them. I lost a total of 20 lbs. and toned and trimmed down more than I ever imagined. Clint and his trainers gave me the fortitude and confidence I needed to continue my workout program even though I am no longer with them. If anyone has the opportunity and wants someone to help them make and reach their weight loss and fitness goals you need to visit Clint Welch and his trainers at Fitness Together at the Festival Plaza Center in Montgomery. You will develop habits that you will never break and it will be an experience you will never forget. I can never thank Clint and his trainers enough for what they helped me to accomplish.