Profilers ask, "What Kind of Person Would Do This?"

Retired FBI agent Dr. Louis Harris says just the fact the FBI is providing a profiler in the Shannon Paulk case tells him there's something there that a profiler can use to help detectives crack the case. Profilers try to answer the question, "What type of person would do this?"

Harris explains, "The profiler will get to the point, where they will recognize certain characteristics or traits are signatures at a crime scene, that even a 20-year or 30-year veteran officer would never observe, just because of the training and experience. Then they start the analysis and start asking questions. They'll go back to the investigative team and they'll say 'What about this..What about that?' and they'll start making suggestions for getting additional information. Before they really can come up with a very usable profile, it might take weeks."

Harris describes profiling as an art that takes years to master. He knows because as an FBI agent, he gathered information for profilers to analyze. Now, he teaches a class on the subject based on what he has read and observed. He says they are less than 100 profilers nationwide.