Father Waits and Prays for His Daughter

Folks with family members in the military are watching developments in Afghanistan with great anticipation and nervousness.   One Montgomery father is already on pins and needles because his army daughter is on alert status waiting to get her orders.

"I feel like she made her decision and I stand behind her on it.  We just hope and pray that she doesn't have to go in harm's way," remarks Leroy Banks.

Leroy Banks served two tours of duty in Vietnam and knows what that kind of combat is all about, but that's nothing compared to what he's going through now. The war in Afghanistan is a different kind of battle and most of all his daughter could be involved.

"The type of war they're fighting over there in Afghanistan, I mean she's not ground infantry or nothing like that, but she would be involved in support type forces.  We would really be concerned if she called and said she had to go."

The hours he spends everyday checking incoming trucks as a security guard at Rheem manufacturing is also time he finds himself wondering about what could happen next.   Banks says his daughter knew what she wanted to do even in the eleventh grade. She signed up then for the military and a week after graduation from Robert E. Lee High School last year she became a private first class. Now she drives 18-wheelers in the army carrying heavy equipment and supplies - a job that is needed in most battles.

"It's dangerous if they have to go to combat because she would be supplying and re-supplying the combat fighters."

But her father says he has no regrets and he supports whatever she wants to do.  He says he will still worry and pray.