Children's Choir Performs for Students

The Children of the World choir is changing the world one child at a time. They performed at Trinity Presbyterian school in Montgomery Tuesday morning.

Children of the World is an international children's choir made up of twenty five orphan children from five different countries. They performed at 8:20 and 10:00 a.m. They want to bring attention to the needs of children worldwide, like the fact that 200 million children in the world go to sleep hungry or every two seconds a child dies of starvation. Twenty five million children have no place to call home.

The music specialist at Trinity Presbyterian said this is a lesson her students will not soon forget. Ahna Baggett said, "We can talk about them all day long but now they get to see them and learn that they're real children with needs just like they have." Thorington Road Baptist church, Memorial Presbyterian church and Snowden Baptist church all helped to bring the choir to Montgomery.