Siegelman Trial - Day 29 - The Defense Rests

The defense rests! In an unexpected move Monday, attorneys for former governor Don Siegelman didn't call a single witness in his defense. And Siegelman's three co-defendants finished wrapping up their cases in only a day.  Now the federal corruption trial is in the hands of the jury.

Don Siegelman has denied allegations of corruption from the beginning, claiming this trial was really about ensuring his defeat in the gubernatorial primary.

And his defense attorneys agree. They say they're so confident in the lack of evidence against their client, there was no need to call a single witness.

Vince Kilborn, Siegelman's attorney, says, "We didn't want to give any credibility at all to this rattle trap junked up case that the government put on."

Attorneys for ousted Healthsouth CEO Richard Scrushy, did call a hand full of witnesses. Scrushy is accused of bribing Siegelman for a seat on the state's hospital certificate of need or CON board.

Scrushy says, "We put on some very fine reputable people who came in and destroyed every one of their lies who said Richard Scrushy didn't want to be on the con board."

Attorneys for the two other co-defendants, Siegelman's former chief of staff Paul Hamrick, and former transportation director Mack Roberts, also presented testimony. But the entire defense case was over in just a day, compared to weeks and weeks of witnesses from the prosecution.

Kilborn says, "It took them six weeks to put on a pile of garbage. It took us 2 days to disassemble it. The jury is ready, we're going to let them have it come Wednesday."

Wednesday is when closing arguments will be presented, the jury should begin its deliberations either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

Tomorrow is reserved for motion hearings, including one motion by the defense that would have the entire case thrown out.

Reporter: Mark Bullock