Bob Lujano Comes to Montgomery

In a room full of youngsters with various disabilities, Bob Lujano is a hero. A rare form of meningitis took his arms and legs at age 9, but he's a world class athlete, a recreational specialist with a masters degree, and a motivational speaker.

His disability only enhanced his competitiveness and drive.

He also pushes an active lifestyle focusing on diet and exercise. Bob's also famous for visiting patients like Cordairo Booker after an accident left him paralyzed.

Booker, who wants to get into Trenholm Tech says,   "He kind of introduced me to him and when he rolled away, I thought I want to be just like him."

But he's also an inspiration for those who are born with limitations like cerebral palsy and want to take their experience and help children.

Sarah Floyd is  a Troy University student sho says, "Whatever they have a mind to, they can do whatever their dream is."

Harris Blackwell is a 25 year old graduate student at Auburn who says he knows what his goals are.... "like work in a big rehab facility, helping like teenagers with disabilities that don't have the self confidence they need."

Bob's ability as a motivational speaker is also contagious.... Inspiring teenagers here to follow in his tracks.

Shanae Heard is a17 year old Auburn High School student who says,  "I always wanted to be like a motivational speaker and use my life and my experiences to kind of help others."

And finally Bob says it's all so simple, "The bottom line is to recognize them as a person with a disability that still has goals and aspirations and wanting to be as independent as they can be."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson