Does it Work - October 11th

How many times have you reached for a bag of potato chips only to find that every chip in the bag was stale! A product that is out in stores now says that it can seal in freshness. The only question, does it work?

Here in our own "Eurosealer" test lab, we decided to test out the "Eurosealer" on several different products to find out, does it work? We started with the common everyday chip bag.

The instructions tell us to first place the "Eurosealer" on the bag that we want to reseal. Then we press the "Eurosealer" together and slowly move it across the bag. The instructions tell us to repeat that step and seal the other half. It looks like the "Eurosealer" passed the chip bag test.

But will it work on other types of bag? So we took a plastic bread bag and tried it again. This time, we tried another method of sealing the bag, but we had some trouble getting started. The "Eurosealer" also did not hold the plastic bag together that well. This did not allow us to seal in the freshness like "Eurosealer" claims it can do.

Candy is another product that you want to stay fresh, so we decide to give a bag of "M&Ms" the freshness test. We again followed the instructions, holding the "Eurosealer" in place for about three seconds then slowly sliding the "Eurosealer" across the bag. We decided to leave this product sealed for about two weeks and we'll come back later on and see just how fresh it is.

The only problem with this was right after we sealed the bag, it was back open. So, once again the "Eurosealer" doesn't do the job for the bag of candy.

Then, we decided to do the water test. The "Eurosealer" folks claim it will tightly seal a bag filled with water. We took our bag of water and placed the "Eurosealer" in the center of the bag, holding it down for three seconds just like the instructions say, making that left slide, then turn around and put it in the center again and making the sweep to the right side.

But oops, it looks like this product is a bust!

We've had several e-mails about different type of hair removers. Well next week we will be testing out the popular "Nads Hair Remover."

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