New Rules For Cell Phones in the Classroom

Stephanie Bragg is a busy, working, single mom.

But she always has time for her children... Especially in times of an emergency. Last year, her now 13 year old son Charles had his uniform shirt ripped in p.e. And took his cell phone from his locker to call for help.

Mom says, "Not only did he end up with a ripped shirt, the cell phone was taken by the principal, and he was suspended. "

Last year it was up to the individual principals to decide how to handle the law.  Now the rule is system wide in Montgomery.

Mona Davis is the Montgomery City School Public Information Manager.  She says, "Montgomery Public School's policy for the upcoming school year is this. Students are still not allowed to have cell phones or any electronic devices in schools."

And that new rule is outlined in the upcomming school guide.

Davis adds, "On the first offense if a student brings a phone to school it will be confiscated and returned only to the parent. If they do it a second time, it will be confiscated, returned to a parent and they will recieve one day suspension."

Davis says there will be acceptions to the rule for health or safety cases and those acceptions will be determined by the indidividual principals, and the phone kept in the office.

Bragg says,  "I think that it would be a very good thing... Policy to put in place."

Because of events like Columbine,many parents want even very young children to have a cell phone.

Parent's safety concerns have been by the cell phone industry. In fact if you look at this Firefly model, it's easy to use and has no key pad. There's just a button for mom, dad, and 911."

Being able to reach out to someone when you are young and scared is a major concern for everyone...and a phone can bring peace of mind.... to everyone.

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson