Tips for Parents of Small Children

  • Teach young children how and when to call Emergency Medical Services (EMS), but that it isn’t a game. Teach children how to perform safety behaviors by having them actually practice them. Children should be rehearsed on appropriate safety behaviors. Talking about the right thing to do isn’t enough.
  • Make sure children learn their address and phone number as soon as they are able.
  • Teach children that EMS professionals are friendly helpers.
  • Teach kids that if they find matches or lighters, to tell an adult.
  • Teach kids what to do if their clothing catches on fire. (Stop, Drop and Roll)
  • Make sure they know planned escape routes and a meeting place outside the home. Practice fire drills.
  • Make sure kids know the sound of the smoke alarm and what to do if it goes off.
  • Include the entire family in monthly safety drill.
  • Test the smoke alarms once a month. Replace the batteries with new fresh ones at least once a year.
  • Post your house number where it will be visible from the street.
  • Help set up a field trip/presentation by the fire department and/or EMS department. 
  • Teach your children, when they hear an ambulance siren to go the side of the road and get off their bikes. Teach them not to chase ambulances.
  • Keep matches and lighters locked up.
  • Keep guns, knives, and other dangerous articles locked up.
  • Make sure young children have supervision at all times. Never leave them alone even for short periods of time.

Source: FEMA