Verdicts Reached: Mixed Reactions From 4 Courtroom Defendants In Siegelman Trial

I (Bryan Henry) had a pretty good view of former Governor Don Siegelman, Richard Scrushy, Paul Hamrick and Mack Roberts.

The men learned their fate on Thursday and we will start with the former Governor. With his hands clasped and sitting on the edge of his seat, Siegelman's facial expression never changed as the clerk read off 7 guilty verdicts. His wife Lori and their two children did not attend the reading of the verdicts.

It was a different story altogether for Paul Hamrick who sat to Siegelman's left. It seemed as though Hamrick held his breath as the words 'not guilty' rang out several times.  Acquitted of all charges, Hamrick bowed his head and then looked over to his wife a few feet away and smiled. When it was over, the couple embraced in a tearful hug.

Not a good outcome for Richard Scrushy.  From where I was sitting, Scrushy never took his eyes off the clerk as he was convicted on all charges. We could not get a clear view of Scrushy's wife Leslie who was sitting on the front row behind the defendants. However, after the verdicts were handed down Mrs. Scrushy told reporters 'all things work together for those who love God."

The signs of relief were clearly visible on Mack Roberts' face. Along with Hamrick he, too, was acquitted of all charges. He exhaled and smiled. Afterwards Roberts told the media he'll never recover financially but will move on and spend time with his family.

Reporter: Bryan Henry