Verdicts Reached: Prosecutors React To Siegelman & Scrushy Guilty Verdicts

It appears the guilty verdicts in the government corruption trial of former governor Don Siegelman and former Healthsouth C.E.O. Richard Scrushy are a huge victory for federal prosecutors.

Lead prosecutor Louis Franklin called it a "good verdict," even though the jury found Paul Hamrick and Mack Roberts innocent of all the charges, Franklin says he has no regrets. Now the focus is getting a sentencing date for Siegelman and Scrushy. Louis Franklin tells WSFA 12, "We can not tell you until we see a pre-sentencing investigation report. We have to let that process work. The guidelines are still advisory as to what sentences are appropriate for the crimes of convictions so, so we will wait for that report to come out, and then we'll make our decisions according to those reports."

Franklin says sentencing in a case like this usually takes place in about 90 days.

Siegelman and Scrushy could potentially be looking at what one prosecutor calls "multiple years" in prison.