Does it Work - October 16th

There is a little jar of green goo that is supposed to make life a lot better for any woman who hates the thought of shaving her legs everyday. "Nads" hair remover claims to make unwanted hair disappear with no heat, very little pain, and without causing much of a mess.

Whitney Vickers of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority is preparing for a party and she wanted everything to come out just right - including the hair on her legs. So, she volunteered to be our guinea pig.

Whitney didn't shave for a few days to make sure the hair was long enough and began reading the instructions. First we headed to the bathroom to use the special pre-soap that came with our box of "Nads." Next, it was time to apply the "Nads" gel.

Following the instructions, we spread a thin layer over a small area of the leg. Then, we applied the cotton strip and ripped it off!! On the first pass we found that the "Nads" just didn't do as well as we had expected so, we tried again. This time the results were not any better.

We decided that Whitney's leg hair must not have been long enough and we needed someone else to try it -someone with a lot of leg hair.

With no one else around, I went ahead and did what any other reporter would have done and slapped the "Nads" gel on my leg. I applied the cotton strip and ripped. Did it work?

Every hair that had the "Nads" gel on it came out and in all honesty, it really didn't hurt. We did find a couple of flaws with the "Nads" hair remover. For one, the length of the hair really matters and number two, the time it takes to apply the gel, stick down the strip, then rip it up. But if you have the time to do that over and over again, well then, sure enough you might just replace the old razor.

Even though the "Nads" didn't do to well on Whitney's legs, it will work if the hair is long enough. I'll have proof of that with me for the next four to six weeks. I give this product an "A" and I'm here to tell you - It works!

The "Nads" package that we tested cost $29.99 at most local stores. You can also order "Nads" off the internet. If you have a product that you would like David to test out e-mail him at