Does it Work - October 18th

We all think about how we need to clean out our closet the only problem is finding more space to store all of the "stuff" that your cleaning out.

A product called the "Space Bag" is supposed to take care of that. But, does it work?

Can a vacuum really help you save space? If you believe the claims of the "Original Space Bag"., it can. Using your vacuum hose attachment the "Original Space Bag" says that it can protect against water, dirt, mildew, insects, and odors. But before the space bag can display my stamp of approval, it must first make it through the "Does it Work" challenge!

The box says "mas espacio e maxima proteccion" or in English "extra space and extra protection." It also says that you can gain up to 75% more closet space if you just use the "Space Bag." So we found a closet in need and went to work.

The space bag box that we bought came with three bags - 2 large and one jumbo. We tried out the large bag first. After putting the clothes in. we sealed the bag shut, like a "Zip-Lock" bag. We then attached the hose from the vacuum to the patented one way valve. With that, it began to vacuum out the air. The product seemed to be working.

Next we tried out the jumbo bag, the one that will hold 2 comforters and 4 pillows easily. We packed the bag, zipped it shut, attached the hose. Once it has vacuumed out all of the air in the bag, the bag is literally flat. This means that it would be easy to store almost anywhere. And for those skeptics that think that it will leave the pillows flat and uncomfortable - you're wrong.

Once opened, everything in the bag returns to normal! So if you're closets are in need of a good cleaning or maybe just a little re-arranging the space bag should defiantly be in your buggy the next time you make a trip to the store. This product passed the David Hagood "Does it Work" test!