WSFA 12 On Tour Takes You Inside Russell Sportscenter

Have you ever wondered how a sports jersey makes it from the fabric to the field?

It all happens at Russell Sportscenter in Alexander City. You know as soon as you get to the Russell Sportscenter in Alexander City...what they're all about when you see the giant T-shirt is a big clue.

They make athletic gear here...and lots of it. In fact...they outfit sports teams all across the country.

They tell us it's peak season around here and they have thousands of jerseys to make for teams all over the country.

Russell buys fabric...patterns are drawn on...and then its time to make the cuts.

Workers place the marked material on robotic machines that cut out thousands of pieces of fabric that will eventually be the jerseys athletes all over the country wear when they take the field.

After all the right cuts are made...the pieces are neatly bundled...tagged...and sent upstairs.

During the next step things really start to take shape you can see the jersey coming together.

Then the jerseys go into the screening process where the big numbers or logos are painted on.

The sewing machine are not like the one your mom uses. They're bigger and faster and can help workers create thousands of shirts and jerseys every year.

This is a year-round job for the 350 workers at the Sportscenter. Sports teams from one end of the country to the other depend on Russell to make sure they look good come game time.

When it becomes a full garment, all that's left to do are the finishing touches. Putting on the banding around the sleeves and the neck, so teams at schools like Georgia Tech and Clemson can wear them proudly and possibly make sports history.