WSFA 12 on Tour: A Look Inside the Environmental Center

One of the great things about 12 on tour is introducing you to the hidden treasures of each city.   Meterologist Rob Hatchell dug up one of those hidden treasures right along the banks of Lake Martin.

When most people think of lake martin, they probably think of boating and water sports.  But what about learning?  That's where the Oscar C. Dunn Rotary Environmental Center comes in.  It'a a hidden treasure not only on the banks of Lake Martin, but over them.

The center says once people come in here, they are very much surprised and can't believe it's here on lake martin.

Offering a wealth of knowledge, the center serves as a classroom for kids of all ages with plenty of activities and experiments. Learning something here is as easy as a quick stroll through.   According to the center,  "the displays that we have are fantastic and they are able to learn a lot. We take them outside of the environmental center as well, we teach them about the streams and trees outside."

Whether you have a few hours or a few days, the Oscar C. Dunn Rotary Environmental Center can accommodate you or your group.   According to a spokeswoman for the center, "we've had different groups use it for a science camp, say 3 or 4 days combined with different activities in the environmental center and around the lake. We've had day trips, people doing their science day camps, and even some groups combine this experience with other team building experiences."

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